Mama's Milk

By Jason Schwartzman

August 10, 2018

Now approaching her five month anniversary, our foal has entered a period of her life when her handlers at Taylor Made Farm will soon make the decision to wean, or remove her, from her mother, placing The People's Horse in a separate pasture to continue her journey as a racehorse alone. The time when a foal is separated from her mother is critical for physical and mental development. Once she's on her own, she'll be able to test her newfound independence and more fully take in the world around her.

Bob White, who runs Bonna Terra A, the barn where our foal has been stabled since birth with mother Colerful Bride, told us that soon he and others will start monitoring her behavior and body in the field even closer than before to determine the correct weaning date.

“She’s just continuing to do everything right,” White told us this week. While some foals don’t develop as quickly and still need the high calorie nutrients that mother’s milk provides, others develop too quickly, risking bone and joint damage from growing too fast from mom’s high calorie nutrients. Our foal, though, is progressing at a steady, healthy, normal pace.

“She’s still attached to mama though,” he said, noting that during the day our foal normally leaves the side of Colerful Bride to play with two other foals in a different part of the pasture. But when the time to return to her stall arrives, she searches for her mother and dutifully walks back to the barn beside her, a sign that she mentally needs the comfort of mom’s care.

“She really has a good head on her - she always has,” White said, noting that once she’s weaned, her mental abilities will start advancing. Several months down the line, that progression will lead to her next phase: training.

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