Barrel Tasting Weekend


Friday, October 5th

6:00 PM

Embassy Suites Hotel Lobby
245 Lexington Green Cir, Lexington, KY 40503
Come meet your fellow tasters, pick up your badges, welcome packs and register for the weekend.

7:30 PM

We’ll board the bus in the lobby and head down to Dudley’s for our welcome dinner and first of many toasts.

8:00 PM

Dudley’s Arrival
259 West Short
We’ve secured an upstairs room at Dudley’s, one of Lexington’s premier restaurants, for a chef-driven menu and tasting of the illusive and celebrated Pappy Van Winkle. Cocktail attire recommended.

Saturday, October 6th.

Breakfast Hotel Lobby
The Embassy Suites prides itself on its make-your-own omelette station, among other Southern breakfast delights. After a few coffees, we’ll board the bus to meet our hosts at Buffalo Trace, the oldest distillery in the country, for a warm-up tour of the facility and then on to our tasting.

11:30 AM

Tasting Room
Buffalo Trace Distillery
113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY
After the tour, we’ll gather in the tasting room and pick up our Glencairn glasses to sample from (3) barrels: The Colonel Mary, True Luck and Kindred Spirit. If you’ve yet to read our extensive reporting on these barrels, tasting tips and more, now is the time to brush up. (Also, if you’re allergic to Swiss cheese, let us know. We’ll explain later.)

12:30 PM

Group Barbecue
Old Taylor House, Buffalo Trace Distillery
After the tasting and sharing our report with the True production crew on-site, we’ll head over to the Old Taylor House, one of the oldest and most exclusive sites at the distillery. The Buffalo Trace team is prepping a barbecue in honor of our Lucky Barrel, and don’t be surprised if we may be joined by some special guests with a mandolin and fiddle.

2:00 PM

Bus Back to Embassy Suites
After our feast, we’ll board the bus back to the Embassy Suites for a well-earned siesta. Others may keep the party going at the destination of their choosing.
Saturday Evening Dinner
Whenever You Want
We left Saturday night open for members who may want to explore Lexington at their own pace, and can recommend a variety of restaurants to check out. Here they are:
Winchell’s : 1 859-278-9424
On the outside, Winchell’s appears like a sports bar in an anonymous strip mall. But really, Winchell’s is one of Lexington’s best kept culinary secrets, serving up some high-minded yet down-home Southern fare at an affordable price. Brave the bright lights and screens, but enjoy some really reliable and excellent cooking. (Not bad Bourbon selection either.)
The Merrick Inn: (859) 269-5417
Another old-time horse hang, the Merrick Inn is known for their fried chicken (we think Winchell’s is a fierce competitor) and other Southern specialties. Taking over an old home, we’d compared it to Saratoga Spring’s Wishing Well.
Middlefork: (859) 309-9854
A short cab ride from downtown in the burgeoning distillery district, Middlefork is Lexington’s version of upscale farm to table, with well conceived cocktails, innovative specials and warm vibes.

Sunday, October 7th


Breakfast Hotel Lobby
Embassy Suites
If you didn’t have a chance to make your own omelette - or considering another ensemble of ingredients - now is your chance. Important: if you have a flight departing from Lexington airport on Sunday, it’s critical that you take your luggage for storage on the bus. (We’ll explain later.)
Arrival Taylor Made
Taylor Made Farm
2765 Union Mill Rd, Nicholasville
After breakfast, we’ll board the bus and head out to Taylor Made Farm, one of  the leading thoroughbred facilities in Kentucky and home of The People’s Horse, our campaign to breed the first collective racehorse. Our foal is now five months old, and we’ll have a chance to visit with her, feed her carrots and tour this incredible equine property.
Daddy Joe’s
Taylor Made Farm
We’ll make a quick pitstop at Daddy Joe’s, the tavern attached to the farm, for a quick run through the gift shop and then head out to Keeneland, the historic racetrack, to have lunch and see a few races before we bid farewell.
Keeneland Racetrack
The trip to Keeneland from Taylor Made is about forty five minutes, and we’ll  snack on the bus on the way out. It’s opening weekend - one of the great attractions for Kentucky racing, and the first race starts around 1:00 pm. We’ll arrive in time, more or less, and take our reserved seats in the grandstand. Note 1: We’re a casual group, but horse racing in Kentucky is a formal affair, and many dress up in suits and dresses. Note 2: The airport in Kentucky is only fifteen minutes from the track, and a host of taxies, ride sharing and our bus will be making trips to and from the track to the airport, dropping members off as needed. In sum: an epic weekend awaits, and can’t wait to see you all back in the bluegrass.