In the late 1930’s, an old police reporter and Army captain founded True: The Man’s Magazine, an old pulp where legends like Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill and others wrote about mesmerizing topics like studying at snake charming schools, smoking meat underground and hunting for buried jungle treasure.

We’ve brought True back as an adventure club inspired by the essence of the old magazine. We believe that life’s greatest rewards are found by answering the call to adventure.

Our club grants members access to extraordinary experiences, offers connections to an exotic roster of experts, and allows travelers to rove the globe and document their own quests as correspondents.

The passport to our world is a True LUCKY PIECE, and the skeleton key to a life of adventure, righteous living and ballyhoo. Our Lucky Piece holders are currently climbing Kilimanjaro, gathering rare roses in Bulgaria, apprenticing with anti-poacher patrolmen in Zimbabwe, and pursuing other worthy quests in faraway (and nearby) lands. 

As a group, we've bred our own racehorse, now just a baby in Kentucky, as part of our People's Horse Project, secured our own barrel of bourbon from historic distillery Buffalo Trace, raced General George Patton’s historic wooden schooner into the harbors of Havana, studied with shamans in the highlands of Mexico, learned the wisdom of boxing’s legendary trainer Freddy Roach, uncovered the archives of John F. Kennedy’s great love (accused of being a Nazi spy), along with scores of other capers. 

Sound like a place where you belong? Get on our list here, and plunge headfirst into our world.