Earn a holy ticket to a

once in a lifetime Bourbon experience.

For many, the chance to journey into the warehouses of Kentucky and select a private barrel of Bourbon not available to the public is the experience of a lifetime. We teamed up with Buffalo Trace, the oldest and most-award winning distillery in America, to make it happen.

We briefed the experts at the distillery on the process, romance, and secrets to create a comprehensive bootcamp for our members to learn the finer points of crafting award-winning Bourbon, and earn the chance to win a Lucky Barrel Ticket, an limited edition pass to participate in a private barrel tasting not available to the public, attend a private luncheon at the historic distillery and receive a complimentary bottle from the winning barrel.

Invitation for (2) to Private Barrel Tasting & Selection at Buffalo Trace Distillery (April 10th)

  • 2 Bottles of Single Barrel Select & Welcome Box

Access to Bourbon Bootcamp featuring intel from True Masters

  • Upload a Video to Youtube on Why You Think You Deserve a Lucky Barrel Ticket and tag TrueMastery.Me
  • Join True Mastery & Complete the Bourbon Bootcamp Challenge
  • Buffalo Trace is the oldest distillery in the United States, producing a number of lines including Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton’s and its own namesake. 
  • Our community has teamed up with the distillery to bring the barrel tasting experience to life for the second time, with a private selection and limited selection of bottles available elusively to our members.
  • Selecting a barrel of Bourbon is perhaps the pinnacle of the spirit experience, uniting history, process, expertise and family.