The ancient Egyptians believed that dawn was the most potent and holy time of day, when the sun god swallows the stars whole, and the world is reborn. Today, the dawn is still a sacred reminder of new beginnings and opportunities. Sleep too late and the magic moment is gone, lost in a scramble of stress, frustration, and even personal resentment. Embrace the fiery glows of morning by answering the call and completing the first stage of our Challenge.


1. Check the times for the sunrise in your area.

2. Rise at least ten minutes before dawn.

3. Find a strong vantage point (we recommend high ground).

4. Snap & submit a short video of the sunrise with your True Lucky Piece or Challenge Pass at our Facebook group by clicking the button below. After you post, come back and click, "Complete & Continue"


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

— Rumi


Challenge Tip

Make the extra step to document the dawn outside your dwelling and use the power of fresh air to give your mornings an extra boost.