Your Mission:

The morning is a sacred and powerful time, yet too often its magic is lost in the daily scramble. Over the next two weeks, you and your respective teams will be presented with stages of this Challenge that have been designed to improve focus, energy, and imbue your mornings with clarity. Your submissions will also earn you and your team points, provide access to the later rounds and give you the chance to earn individual and team prizes.

Individual Prizes:

The victor of this Challenge will presented with The Golden Grapefruit, a trophy entitling you to (1) a full bushel of grapefruits (2) breakfast in bed prepared by a chef near you (3) a personal profile in True (4) bragging rights for life. Runner up prize: Delectable, Organic, Maple Syrup.

Team Prizes:

To the winning team, we will compose and perform a rhyming victory song in your honor, and each team member to receive their own verse. Runner-up team will receive their own (non-offensive) lyrics in this victory song.


To compete in this Challenge, you’ll need to enter The Arena, our private Facebook group page for users. We will send you an invite through Facebook, or simply click on this link here. You can also find all information and track your own and team progress on our Challenge Headquarters page here.

Challenge Warm-Up

Our warm-up Challenge - ‘the Howdy Stranger’ is live. You can find details on the Challenge and how to submit here or on our private Facebook page. Official play and later stages of the Own The Dawn Challenge will be revealed at 6:30pm on Sunday, January 20th.

Team Notifications

Over the weekend, you’ll be selected to one of (3) teams: Loki, Thunder & Latte, and Brave Dawn, and we’ll connect you to your Team Captains. 

Submitting Challenges:

To submit Challenges, we recommend displaying your True Lucky Piece. If you do not have your Lucky Piece handy, simply print out and use a Challenge Pass, which we’ve designed for the competition. Then submit proof that you have completed the Challenge in the Comments Section of the official Challenge Post in our Facebook Group.