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The dawn is a reminder of new beginnings and opportunities. Sleep too late and the magic moment is gone and hectic scramble of stress, frustration even personal resentment will follow. Avoid this by answering the call and complete the first stage of our Challenge.

In the 1950s, the Royal Canadian Air Force had an exercise problem. Many of their pilots were stationed in snowy, remote airfields and had no access to gyms. In turn, they engineered a workout that required no equipment, exercised all the major groups, and could be co completed in only 11 minutes. The benefits of this basic regiment can be felt immediately, and will imbue your morning with a reserve of energy.


A mystery is a mystery for a reason.

Make it this far, and we'll share you with this Mystery Challenge.

While we wait for a few slow pokes to catch up, we’re offering a bonus round: design your own morning challenge! Fill out the simple form below, and vie to have your name inscribed in the True history books.

Our Final Challenge is live! It comes from the singular mind of La Dueña aka our tester and friend Laura Samuels from Mexico City. The goal: Identify one person on your morning routine you encounter and have developped rapport with. Coffee barista? Tamale vendor? Bagel slinger?