The humdrum of our daily routines can lead to staleness. Shatter the monotony of the typical morning by scribbling an inspiring note for someone to uncover, planting your message in an unexpected place, and brightening the day of a stranger or loved one with your wit and musings.

"When you write a letter, you are taking your own energy and transferring it to paper," Damien Echols once told us. "And then that paper has the energy, so you transfer that energy on."

Echols should know. He spent eighteen years in an Arkansas prison for a crime he didn't commit. Now free, he credits the love letters to and from his wife Lorri Davis as the force that allowed him to survive.  


1.) Find a piece of paper and retrieve a pen, preferably with thick ink.

2.) Write an inspiring note - funny, serious, pensive. Your call.

3.) Tuck the note in a special place - public, private, and where someone is likely to stumble across it.

Upload a video of your Mystery Note and show us where you’ve placed it