True Lucky Piece


The LUCKY PIECE will give you unusual access to exotic places and treasures, whether it’s inside the Temezcal (traditional Mexican sweat lodge) in the altiplana during the Day of the Dead, a berth on General Patton’s old schooner, or seats to the National Ballet in Havana, Cuba. 


- Welcome Box & Lucky Piece
- Secret Stories Delivered to You
- Discounts on the True Supply
- Voting rights on The People's Horse
- Invites to Lucky Piece Holder Events & Expeditions 
- Access to complete a True Mission 
- Access to the True Community
- Map of True Locations & Sites
- Access to book True Lodges
- Ability to purchase True Made Supplies

- Mission Box with Lucky Piece
- Ability to complete a True Mission 
- Be featured on the True Platform (social media & website)
- Given the True Story Packet (template)
- Discounts on the True Supply
- Stake in The People's Horse 
- Invites to Lucky Piece Events & Expeditions
- Access to True Members & Masters 
- Map of True Locations, Sites & Masters 
- Access to the True Guidebook 
- Reciprocal Club Memberships (like The Explorer's Club!)
- Ticket to the True Winter Formal